Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST) massage is a proven, touch-based autism treatment for children that parents perform for 15 minutes each day for up to two years to normalize sensory issues and reduce or eliminate symptoms of autism. Results are apparent after as few as 30 days of treatment. QST massage for autism is unique among autism treatments because it grants children access to normal development, helps them feel comfortable and connected to others, and improves lifetime outcomes.

Infant Massage Training

As long as a baby can receive a massage (does not have a fever, rash or diarrhea) and his/her umbilical cord is healed, a baby can benefit tremendously from receiving a massage from a loving, safe, caregiver. Even if a little massage is done throughout the day rather than all at once, the benefits are measurable. A  massage increases the cuddle hormone oxytocin, increases  baby’s sense of well-being, strengthens the immune system, improves breathing patterns, may relive gas and constipation, makes for a wonderful bonding experience,  aids in good posture and balance, improves weight gain, and respiratory function.

Our Mission

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